What is breast implant removal?

Dr. Markelov specializes in breast implant removal in Tampa and has completed hundreds of complex revisional surgeries, frequently correcting less-than-stellar work performed by other surgeons.

What sets Dr. Markelov apart is that he specializes in the Awake implant removal method, which involves removing the implants while the patient is awake under local anesthesia. This method allows for a quicker recovery time and avoids the use of drains. Additionally, he is skilled in en bloc implant removal, which involves removing the implant and surrounding capsule as a single unit for a more comprehensive removal.

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Breast Surgery with Dr. Alexey Markelov

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Why choose Dr. Markelov? Complex surgeries require expertise

Dr. Markelov has pursued a rigorous academic path at some of the country’s most lauded universities. He has been published in numerous medical journals internationally and has presented at plastic surgery conferences worldwide. Here are some of Dr. Markelov’s other accomplishments:

  • Honed his skill at one of the top plastic surgery clinics in Beverly Hills, California
  • Holds double board-certification
  • Completed plastic surgery training at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a premiere learning institution in the country
  • Attended Drexel University College of Medicine at Easton Hospital for general surgery training, and won awards for teaching there as well
  • Performed surgeries at one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Beverly Hills, California.

Meet Dr. Alexey Markelov of AM Plastic Surgery

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Forever Love? Unveiling the Truth about Breast Implants Removal

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The breast implant removal procedure

Dr. Markelov is a highly skilled surgeon who takes great care in ensuring his patients are informed and comfortable with their procedures. Before surgery, he conducts a thorough assessment of the patient's body and listens attentively to their goals. He also takes the time to address any questions or concerns the patient may have, ensuring they feel confident and knowledgeable about the process.

For patients who opt for implant removal, Dr. Markelov utilizes the Awake implant removal method, which involves removing the implants while the patient is under local anesthesia. This method allows for a quick recovery time and avoids drains, which are often necessary with other methods. Additionally, Dr. Markelov specializes in en-bloc implant removal, which involves removing the implant and the surrounding capsule in one piece, reducing the risk of complications, and ensuring the area is thoroughly cleaned.

If the patient wishes to receive new implants, Dr. Markelov will insert them after removing the old ones and cleaning the area. For patients receiving a breast lift, Dr. Markelov performs this procedure simultaneously, carefully closing the incisions using a layered closure technique to reduce tension. By utilizing these advanced techniques and taking a personalized approach to each patient's needs, Dr. Markelov ensures his patients achieve their desired results with minimal downtime and a quick recovery.

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Ideal candidates for Breast Implant Removal in Tampa

Most implants must be replaced at least once, as they do not last forever. Lifestyle changes might also prompt a woman to remove her implants. Breast implant removal is typically required when a patient…

  • Wants to change their cup size
  • Has health concerns due to damaged or ruptured implants
  • Wants to go back to their natural breasts
  • Is experiencing implant complications such as BII (Breast Implant Illness)
  • Is experiencing changes in breast tissue
  • Dislikes how their breasts have aged

Whether it's due to aesthetic goals changing over time or discomfort from hardened breasts or ruptured implants, Dr. Markelov will recommend the best approach for each patient's unique situation. He may suggest pairing implant removal with a breast lift for a complete rejuvenation. With Dr. Markelov's expertise, patients can rest assured that they will receive safe implant removal and achieve stellar results with minimal downtime.


    Dr. Markelov has developed specific protocols to encourage quick recovery and minimize downtime for patients undergoing implant removal. He utilizes the Awake implant removal method, which eliminates the need for general anesthesia and allows patients to resume light daily activities the day after the procedure.

    In addition, Dr. Markelov uses a long-acting local anesthetic to administer nerve blocks between the ribs, ensuring pain-free healing. Dr. Markelov also avoids using surgical drains, which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for patients.

    After the procedure, Dr. Markelov only uses dissolvable sutures and stitches that break down naturally before covering the incisions with skin glue. This approach minimizes scarring and accelerates healing. Patients can expect some soreness and swelling, but non-narcotic pain relievers are used whenever possible to manage discomfort.

    Patients can resume regular activity two weeks after the procedure, but heavy exercise should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. By following Dr. Markelov's protocols, patients can experience a quick recovery and minimal downtime, allowing them to return to their daily activities as soon as possible.

    Awake Breast Implant Removal

    Dr. Markelov offers his patients the option of awake plastic surgery for a worthwhile investment. This modern approach to breast implant removal allows individuals to undergo the procedure while being awake and aware, using local anesthesia. 

    The awake implant removal method has many advantages, including reduced risks associated with general anesthesia and a faster recovery time. By removing the implants from the breast cavity while the patient remains conscious, Dr. Markelov can ensure that the patient is satisfied with the results and can provide real-time feedback.

    Awake breast implant removal has gained popularity for its safety and patient-centered approach, allowing patients to achieve their aesthetic goals with minimized discomfort and downtime. While this option is only available for cases involving simple implant removal (no capsule work), the investment is well worth it for those seeking a safe and effective procedure with a faster recovery time.

    It should be noted that this option is only available for cases involving simple implant removal (no capsule work). The following videos shed more light on the details of this method:

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    Awake Breast Implant Removal - No Need For General Anesthesia!

    Dr. Markelov performing surgery.

    Awake Breast Implant Removal - Explant Under Local Anesthesia

    AM Plastic Surgery delivers concierge care

    Dr. Markelov is an expert in breast implant removal in Tampa and revisional breast surgeries. He has completed countless procedures with exceptional results. He takes great pride in seeing how this procedure can improve a patient’s look and overall self-esteem. Contact AM Plastic Surgery for a virtual consultation with Dr. Markelov today.

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