What is fat transfer breast augmentation? Fuller breasts without implants

Dr. Markelov understands that many women prefer to remain as natural-looking as possible. For those that want only a relatively small increase in cup size and to avoid implants, he recommends breast augmentation performed using fat transfer. Highlights include:

  • Slightly increased breast size 
  • All natural; no foreign elements introduced to the body
  • Evens out imperfections in a subtle way

Fat transfer breast augmentation uses fat that is gently extracted from your own body, purified, and then injected to increase breast fullness or slightly increase cup size. The body’s own fat is extremely safe to use and perfect for those who have excess donor fat they would like to repurpose. This procedure requires advanced training and precision, making Dr. Markelov an ideal choice.

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Breast Surgery with Dr. Alexey Markelov

Dr. Markelov helping a patient with breast augmentation

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Why choose Dr. Markelov? A meticulous eye for detail and exemplary training

Dr. Markelov has developed his high-caliber techniques over many years of comprehensive training at some of the nation's top medical schools, followed by practice at highly regarded plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills, California. Some of his educational background professional achievements include: 

  • Double board certification
  • Plastic surgery specialization at the top-rated University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • General surgery training at Drexel University College of Medicine at Easton Hospital, where he
  • also received teaching accolades
  • Has presented at plastic surgery conventions around the world
  • Has been published in medical journals worldwide

Meet Dr. Alexey Markelov of AM Plastic Surgery

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What can I expect from a fat transfer breast augmentation in Tampa?

A breast augmentation performed via fat transfer can be done under local anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Markelov will remove fat from an area of the body that has excess fatty tissue through liposuction. The fat is then purified and carefully injected into the breasts through small pokes. 

This procedure is not as invasive as a standard breast augmentation, and the results last a lifetime. The majority of the fat that is harvested and transferred remains in the breast area, while a small percentage is eventually reabsorbed into the body.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Natural Results Without The Implants

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: Natural Results Without The Implants
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Ideal candidates

Dr. Markelov has a detailed discussion with each patient to determine whether a breast augmentation done via fat transfer can meet their expectations, always educating them on the size they can expect. He only moves forward if he feels the procedure will help the patient look the way they want. This procedure is for the patient who:

  • Has fully developed breasts
  • Is in good general health 
  • Wants slightly bigger breasts
  • Wants to smooth out dents or other small imperfections in the breasts
  • Wants to avoid implants

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After the procedure, Dr. Markelov loves seeing patients visit the office wearing clothes they would never have dared to wear before.

Changes include:

  • Subtly fuller, balanced breasts
  • Increased self-confidence
  • The ability to wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to
  • Breasts that have a natural look and feel
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AM Plastic Surgery has a custom quick-recovery protocol, and as a result patients are usually able to resume light activity as soon as the next day. Dr. Markelov offers his patients a long-acting local anesthetic that functions as a nerve blocker, and helps the patient have a painless recovery. Here’s what one can expect after a fat transfer breast augmentation in Tampa:

  • Patients are able to move around the same day
  • Patients can resume normal activity in two weeks
  • Patients should avoid applying pressure to the breasts

It is normal to experience some swelling and soreness in the days following your procedure, and Dr. Markelov may instruct patients to avoid certain physical activities for a period of time.

AM Plastic Surgery The right choice for discerning patients

Dr. Markelov takes great pride in seeing how this procedure can enhance a patient’s look and overall self-esteem without relying on synthetics. Serving Clearwater and Tampa, contact AM Plastic Surgery in Tampa for a consultation with Dr. Markelov today.

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