Achieve youthfulness with a Deep-Plane Facelift 

Known for being one of the most successful tools in the fight against facial aging, the deep plane facelift is a popular option for patients from all walks of life. This tried and true procedure can address many concerns, such as sagging skin, a loss of jawline definition, jowls, and fine lines. Patients who undergo this comprehensive treatment can achieve a rejuvenated aesthetic, giving them enhanced self-assurance and a significant boost in self-esteem. 

Dr. Markelov has carried out countless Deep Plane Facelift procedures in Tampa, enabling his patients to attain a more youthful look through a successful and effective procedure.

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    What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

    Recent advancements in cosmetic surgery have led to innovative facelift techniques that can produce natural-looking results. One such method, the deep plane facelift, stands out as it offers patients results similar to a traditional facelift but with additional benefits.

    Dr. Markelov strategically repositions the deeper facial tissues during a deep plane facelift to achieve longer-lasting and more authentic results. This method is considered a more sophisticated alternative to traditional facelift techniques, primarily focusing on tightening the skin or adjusting the SMAS layer alone.

    By addressing the deeper anatomical structures, Dr. Markelov provides a more comprehensive and rejuvenating outcome without leaving the patient with an overly "tight" appearance. This approach allows Tampa Deep Plane Facelift patients to achieve their desired results without looking overly "pulled" or "stretched."

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      How does a Deep Plane Facelift in Tampa Work?

      The term "deep plane" refers to the layer of tissue that is found between the SMAS-platysma complex and the facial muscles, which are responsible for facial expressions. This method lifts the submuscular level without affecting other layers, ensuring that the attachment of the skin to the muscle layers is preserved throughout the process. This gives patients more natural and balanced results without looking excessively tight. Beyond that, the deep plane facelift technique in Tampa can address volume loss in the cheeks by addressing the tethering points of the face.

      Dr. Markelov also has expertise in deep plane neck lift procedures, which offer enhanced results by targeting the deeper structures of the neck, including deeper fat compartments and deep muscle tightening.

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      What are the benefits of a deep plane facelift?

      • A natural approach to facial rejuvenation 
      • Improves the tightness of the underlying facial muscles
      • Achieves a more youthful look without looking too “tight”
      • Appropriate for a diverse age range of patients
      • Can make patients look as much as ten to fifteen years younger
      • Improved self-confidence
      • Scars are barely noticeable since there is very little tension on the skin closure
      • Because we use dissolvable sutures on the inside, there is no foreign material remaining in the face


        Carolynn about AM Plastic Surgery

        Carolynn about AM Plastic Surgery

        Who is a candidate for a deep plane facelift?

        A deep plane facelift is suitable for a wide range of patients. Some examples include:

        • Patients who want to combat early signs of aging before they develop
        • Individuals struggling with advanced signs of aging in the face
        • Younger patients who are looking to address the early signs of skin sagging and loss of definition
        • Older patients who are dealing with more pronounced signs of aging, such as volume loss and skin laxity

        During the initial consultation, Dr. Markelov thoroughly evaluates the patient's medical history and current health to assess their eligibility for the procedure. Ideal candidates are individuals in good mental and physical health who do not smoke. Tampa deep plane facelift patients will receive more information about candidacy during the consultation.

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        What does the procedure entail?

        Dr. Markelov employs a range of advanced techniques in his deep plane facelift procedures, including the use of a hemostatic net to eliminate the need for drains and prevent hematomas, a common concern. This approach also aids in redistributing the skin to achieve more natural-looking results. The procedure is carried out under twilight anesthesia or total intravenous anesthesia, eliminating the need for breathing tubes or anesthesia gas. Additionally, Dr. Markelov minimizes the use of narcotics in his medication regimen, optimizing it to speed up recovery without overmedicating patients.

        During the deep plane facelift, strategic incisions are made behind the ears and within the hairline, allowing Dr. Markelov to access the deeper facial layers for natural rejuvenation. By releasing ligaments in the cheeks, nasolabial folds can be reduced without the need for future fillers. Dr. Markelov also focuses on the masseteric and mandibular ligaments to lift the patient’s jowls and enhance the jawline.

        This technique primarily targets the SMAS layer, ensuring long-lasting results and quicker healing. By concentrating on the deep structures of the face, patients can benefit from a comprehensive lift without compromising the surface skin. The use of a hemostatic net in all facelift procedures further ensures efficient skin redistribution, resulting in better and more noticeable outcomes while minimizing the risk of side effects during the recovery period.

            What is the recovery period like?

            After undergoing a deep plane facelift procedure in Tampa, light cotton dressings are applied to the treated areas and must stay in place for the first 24 hours of recovery. To ensure a positive recovery experience, patients are prescribed pain medications to help them mitigate any feelings of discomfort for the first few days. It is common for patients to experience temporary side effects, including numbness, bruising, and tightness in the face, which usually fade away after a few weeks.

            Patients can expect to get back to their normal schedules after roughly ten to fourteen days following the treatment. That said, it is important that they avoid physical activities that are excessively straining, such as exercise and heavy lifting, for at least three to four weeks. Patients should follow these guidelines closely to ensure a smooth and successful recovery process.

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            Why choose Dr. Markelov?

            A highly revered board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexey Markelov has been pioneering innovative face, breast, and body procedures for years. He utilizes his exceptional surgical expertise to help his patients achieve natural-looking results that improve their well-being and outlook on life.

            Known for his expertise in various facelift procedures, Dr. Markelov has gained respect amongst the cosmetology community as a trusted specialist in the field. Patients who are interested in benefiting from a deep plane facelift in Tampa are invited to set up a private consultation with our office. Learn more about the transformative potential of this procedure and how Dr. Markelov's skills can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

            Meet Facelift Specialist Dr. Alexey Markelov

            Uncovering the Secrets Behind AM Plastic Surgery with Dr. Alexey Markelov


            How long do the results last?

            Is the recovery process from a deep plane facelift longer than a traditional facelift?

            Why does a deep plane facelift cost more than other types of facelifts?

            Can the deep plane facelift be combined with other surgical procedures?

            How long do the results last?

            The results of a deep plane facelift typically last for many years. Most patients only need a follow-up treatment after a decade or longer.

            Is the recovery process from a deep plane facelift longer than a traditional facelift?

            Although the healing process may take longer, patients will notice that their faces return to normal sooner than with a traditional facelift. Additionally, Dr. Markelov utilizes a hemostatic net instead of drains, which promotes improved skin redistribution, reduces the risk of bleeding, and enables him to perform the procedure without drains.

            Why does a deep plane facelift cost more than other types of facelifts?

            This is simply because it is a more involved procedure that includes more interventions than a traditional facelift.

            Can the deep plane facelift be combined with other surgical procedures?

            Yes. For example, Dr. Markelov specializes in minimally invasive procedures using the latest techniques, such as Gliding brow lift with smaller incisions.

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