Cosmetic procedures have gained immense popularity as they can significantly enhance self-confidence and physical appearance. While general anesthesia is commonly used for many cosmetic surgeries, there has been a growing trend in recent years towards procedures performed under local anesthesia. The increasing preference for awake procedures is attributed to their significant advantages. You might be curious about why awake procedures are considered safer and offer more benefits. Below, we provide further insights into awake procedures and why they may be the right choice for you.

What are the benefits of awake plastic surgery?

It goes without saying that cosmetic treatments and procedures can instill patients with confidence and help them reach their ideal goals. The following benefits should be taken into consideration for those interested in awake surgery. 


The primary benefit of awake procedures is the positive impact that they have on the patient's overall health. Although general anesthesia is a necessary component in certain medical situations, there are alternatives available for specific cosmetic procedures. General anesthesia carries risks such as memory loss, nausea, and confusion. In contrast, procedures performed under local anesthesia while you are awake are considerably safer. The potential side effects and risks that come with general anesthesia are often deemed too significant for elective procedures.

Recovery Period:

Awake procedures offer less invasive options that are gentler on your body compared to procedures requiring general anesthesia. The recovery period for awake procedures is often shorter and less challenging, as they impose less stress on your body. While some procedures may necessitate weeks or even months of recovery time, awake plastic surgery procedures typically require just a few days. This is particularly advantageous for individuals with busy lifestyles, as it allows for a quicker return to their regular activities.


Awake procedures offer a significant cost advantage compared to procedures that require general anesthesia. The complexity and risks associated with general anesthesia can contribute to higher costs, making awake procedures a more cost-effective option. Despite being more affordable, awake procedures are equally effective in achieving desired outcomes. This makes them a valuable choice for individuals seeking quality results while being mindful of their budget.

No Side Effects

Another advantage of awake procedures is the avoidance of the undesirable side effects associated with general anesthesia. People commonly experience discomforting symptoms like nausea and memory loss after undergoing general anesthesia. By opting for awake procedures, you can eliminate the concerns and potential discomfort caused by these side effects. This ensures a more pleasant and worry-free experience during and after the procedure, contributing to a smoother recovery process.

How do awake plastic surgery procedures work?

If you were curious about the mechanics of awake plastic surgery procedures, you're not alone. These procedures involve the use of a specialized solution known as the tumescent solution, which allows you to remain awake and comfortable throughout the process. The tumescent solution consists of a combination of local anesthetic, saltwater, and adrenaline.

The local anesthetic component ensures that you won't experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure, as it effectively numbs the area being treated. The inclusion of saltwater aids in sterilization and cleanliness, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for the procedure. Lastly, the presence of adrenaline helps to constrict blood vessels, reducing the likelihood of bleeding.

Overall, awake plastic surgery procedures are performed with utmost safety, effectiveness, and comfort in mind, allowing you to undergo the treatment without experiencing pain or inconvenience.

What surgeries can be performed awake?

There are a wide array of plastic surgeries that can be performed awake. Some of these include:

What is the takeaway?

Awake plastic surgery procedures come with many advantages. Foregoing the approach of general anesthesia allows patients to save money on their treatment. Furthermore, awake procedures are safer and come with fewer side effects. As such, patients should understand what comes with these procedures and how they may be preferential for them. 

Dr. Markelov often performs awake procedures, enabling his patients to enjoy their benefits. Reach out to our office to set up a private consultation and learn more about our awake plastic surgery procedures. 

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